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Creating spaces using the effects and design of fragrances

Aroma space design is the cutting-edge concept of designing spaces using fragrances.

In accordance with clients’ needs, aroma space designers enhance spaces utilising, to maximum extent, the variety of effects invoked by the natural ingredients of essential oils.

This concept is characterised by a combination of effects and design,
as seen in scents made to evoke images and impressions, and scents that create a more pleasant environment through careful combinations of the effects of essential oils.


Aroma space design

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Aroma space design offers the best fragrance solution, customised and tailor-made for any space and every customer's wish, using natural essential oils.
The aroma space designer is the fragrance specialist who selects the ingredients and creates the original blend.
Our advanced aroma space design is able to offer you the right equipment, operation management and maintenance to suit perfectly any space and air-conditioning system.

Signature Scent

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Our dedicated process creates a distinctive signature scent which promotes a brand’s concept and values. Its artistic expression and exclusivity will enhance an ambience of sophistication, tranquility, infinite indulgence, or any other desirable attributes for a brand. Signature scent creates an alluring, fragranced environment and ensures quality time for an ultimate shopping experience.

Scent Marketing

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Adding scent to a space can mean the difference between browsers and buyers. It affects customers’ feelings about a store the minute they walk in through the door, and associate a brand with their strong emotional response. Discover the power of scent and strengthen your brand with @aroma's superior diffusion technology which uses natural essential oils, quality aromas and signature scents.

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