aroma oil blenderaroma oil blender

aroma oil blender

create original scents

aroma oil blender

Select your favorite natural aromas
from 12 kinds of essential oils and create your own aroma


ABOUT アロマオイルブレンダーの使い方

Aroma oil blender is an aroma blending machine that you can experience blending and diffusing your own aroma on the scene.
With your choice from 12 kinds of essential oils, you can create your original aroma depending on your taste and mood.
Create a unique scent online then bring the QR code recipe to @aroma stores in Japan to experience your scent firsthand.

HOW TO USE アロマオイルブレンダーの使い方

  • STEP 01
    Choose and click your favorite aromas (From 2 up to 5 kinds)
  • STEP 02
    Decide a combination of ratio
    Decide the amount of each essenitial oils between 1 to 10
  • STEP 03
    Issue QR code
    Save your original scent recipe as a QR code.
  • STEP 04
    Experience the scent
    Bring the QR code to @aroma stores in Japan where it will be scanned by a blending machine to create and diffuse the scent.
  • STEP 04
    The scent you created is available for purchase at @aroma stores in Japan and through our Japanese online store.
    Please provide your scent recipe number when ordering.
    *Delivery is limited within Japan.

Essential oils 選べる12種類の天然アロマ

  • YLANG YLANG イランイラン

    YLANG YLANG イランイラン YLANG YLANG イランイラン

  • ORANGE オレンジ

    ORANGE オレンジ ORANGE オレンジ

  • CHAMOMILE カモミール


  • GRAPEFRUIT グレープフルーツ

    GRAPEFRUIT グレープフルーツ GRAPEFRUIT グレープフルーツ

  • CYPRESS サイプレス

    CYPRESS サイプレス CYPRESS サイプレス

  • GERANIUM ゼラニウム

    GERANIUM ゼラニウム GERANIUM ゼラニウム

  • PEPPERMINT ペパーミント


  • GERGAMOT ベルガモット

    GERGAMOT ベルガモット GERGAMOT ベルガモット

  • HOWOOD ホーウッド

    HOWOOD ホーウッド HOWOOD ホーウッド



  • LAVENDER ラベンダー

    LAVENDER ラベンダー LAVENDER ラベンダー

  • ROSEMARY ローズマリー

    ROSEMARY ローズマリー ROSEMARY ローズマリー

ABOUT アロマオイルブレンダーの使い方

Space to feel, Aroma to design

@aroma is an international company based in Japan which offers a wide range of services incorporating the maximum benefits of natural aroma. We provide “aroma space design” to over 5,000 clients worldwide. Since 1998, we have developed and promoted the Japanese tradition of room scenting through innovative and perfectly designed aroma diffusers and 100% pure natural essential oil blends. All products are designed with Japanese aesthetic sense as well as delicate thoughtfulness. We create our products to be not only simple and functional but also safe and friendly to everybody. With subtle Japanese sensibility, create comfortable spaces anytime, anywhere.


Purchase through Japanese online store

Please have your scent recipe number ready when ordering.
*Delivery is limited within Japan.

Purchase at stores in Japan

Please have your scent recipe number ready when ordering.

aroma oil blender

Click and create an original aroma