Privacy Policy

AT-AROMA responsibly manages the personal information of clients and handles the information in the following manner in line with the Personal Information Protection Law (which came into effect on April 1, 2005).

  1. Personal information is information about the individual and refers to information including name, date of birth, or other information that can be used to identify individuals, such as numbers, signs, or other symbols noted down or assigned to individuals.
  2. Personal information collected by @aroma is mainly used for the following purposes or only for purposes that are clear
    from how the information is obtained.
    • Providing services to e-commerce websites etc.
    • Sending items to and contacting clients who have purchased or requested repairs to @aroma products
    • Collecting and analyzing data for marketing purposes
    • Providing information and material on @aroma’s various products and responding to inquiries
  3. We strive to safely manage personal information and prevent its leak, destruction, and damage by taking necessary and appropriate measures.
  4. When providing personal information in our possession to third parties, we take steps to prevent the leakage or subsequent provision of that information by the third party through methods such as attaching contractual obligations unless there are special conditions.
  5. We do not provide personal information in our possession to third parties unless we obtain the consent of the individual, are able to provide it in a format that makes it impossible to identify the individual, or are legally required to.
  6. Cookies are a general technology to identify clients’ computers, they send information to identify computers used by clients to make the use of @aroma’s website more pleasant, and are stored on the clients’ computers.
    Cookies do not identify individual clients.It is possible to deactivate cookies through the settings of the software clients use to view the Internet (browser), but this may make it impossible to properly use services we provide via the @aroma website.
    Your understanding is appreciated.
  7. Information on clients’ access to @aroma’s website is recorded as an access log.
    Access logs do not include information that makes it possible to identify individuals. The information is gathered for several purposes, including improving the convenience of the website, determining the cause of unlikely problems, and conducting statistical analysis of use of the website. It is not used for any other purposes.
  8. We take security seriously, and this site uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology and encryption to prevent the interception or blocking of personal information entered by the individuals.