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Humans have been incorporating natural scents into their lives for thousands of years.
Natural scents are an indispensable part of our lives. They seep into the psyche just like scenery and music, pleasantly color spaces, and remain in our memories.
Our aroma oils are made from 100% natural ingredients. We value the intrinsic qualities of natural scents, draw out their latent powers, and use them to make our living spaces more pleasant and attractive.
At @aroma, we provide a full range of services with the highest design quality in the world, and these services extend from developing aroma products to designing spaces that possess natural scents.

01 Aroma Space Design

Aroma Space Design refers to designing quality spaces optimized for a particular image and style using natural scents, while also taking into consideration the impact on the body, mind, and environment. Developing and sharing aroma spaces focused on engaging all the senses makes it possible to achieve a more intuitive sensory branding than those focused only on the senses of sight and sound.


02 Development and sale of products

Product development undertaken by @aroma is based on reliable technology and achieved through caring sensitivity and detailed work. We pursue design, functionality, and safety through thorough and repeated verification. Precisely because customers are always using our products in their daily lives, the products embody our desire to provide items that are not only beautiful and functional, but also friendly so that they can continually be used without worry.


03 Concept store

Our concept stores offer customers a place where they can purchase @aroma items from our diverse lineup after actually experiencing them firsthand. Our spotless interior that exemplifies the image of 100% pure natural welcomes visitors as they search to find the aroma just right for them.


04 School management

We operate courses to train professionals in the field of Aroma Space Design. Because they are taught by aroma specialists active on the front line of operations, students gain the knowledge required for developing aroma spaces, designing natural scents, and providing after-sales services from various perspectives.


Global brand

Using our vast experiences in Japan, we develop aroma spaces throughout the world using our global network.
As a Japanese brand, @aroma boasts the ability to undertake various operations including Aroma Space Design and product development
with the help of its partners and distributors throughout the world.


A future of accessible aroma spaces. Striving to create a new aroma culture.

We desire a future, in which, whenever and wherever everyone can experience a satisfying aroma space. This will, without a doubt, generate greater joy in the world. In an era filled with material richness, where people are seeking new value, we accommodate their needs by infusing all spaces, both public and private, with natural aroma.
Companies designing spaces with natural scents are still few. Our journey to provide unprecedented value throughout the world and make that value a standard is not yet complete. We strive to establish a new aroma culture through creating aroma spaces in your daily life.

AT-AROMA Co., Ltd.
Satoshi Kataoka


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