About the school

Aroma Space Design is the design of spaces using scent,
fusing aromatherapy and space design.
The Aroma Space Design School provides students with the knowledge required
for Aroma Space Design from a team of expert lecturers active in the field.
The content of the school is not aimed at acquiring qualifications,
but rather at learning about aromas from a variety of perspectives, and gaining practical skills.


The Aroma Space Design syllabus offers a variety of courses matched to students' goals.
Briefings and mini lessons are also held as needed before courses to introduce the classroom and the Aroma Space Design environment.

About classes

We provide small-group classes with attentive support to ensure a deep understanding by each student.

As the aromas that are the target of learning are invisible to the eye, we incorporate active discussion in classes, instead of one-way lectures, to deepen intuitive understanding.

Lecturer introduction

Our lecturer team consists of professionals whose expertise come from continuing exposure to Aroma Space Design.
They bring extensive experience to the classroom and
teach from a qualified perspective.


Contact the following for questions about the school or to request materials.