Significance of natural scents in spaces

Aroma Space Design refers to the designing of functional spaces that stimulate our senses by employing the various functions of aromatherapy. Natural scents possess an extremely wide range of capabilities and limitless potential.
We propose Aroma Space Designs that express the brand and services of corporations through natural scents with the highest design quality in the world.
Developing and sharing aroma spaces focused on engaging all the senses makes it possible to achieve a more intuitive sensory branding than those focused only on the senses of sight and sound.

A space can only be experienced by visiting in person. What is the message your space wants to convey? How will you accomplish it? What emotions do you want to evoke? You can elevate the value of a space through the functions and innate design aspects of natural scents. By viewing the space itself as a contact point with customers and using natural scents, we are able to provide a service that increases your corporate image.

The approach of @aroma

Keywords for space design

For Aroma Space Design undertaken by @aroma, we provide a basic concept incorporating four factors aligned to the purpose of the space and client needs. We design the optimal space by balancing these factors.

Botanical air
Employing the distinguishing characteristics of plants
For a natural space
Design air
Pleasant space that excites sensitivity
For a space different than that experienced in daily life
Clear air
Better environment through the power of nature
For a space that is pleasant and accommodating
Supplement air
Air as a supplement
For a space supporting the body's activity

Aroma Space Design system

Design and functionality of natural scents

@aroma’s Aroma Space Design has two perspectives—aesthetic value and functional value.
Our goal is not to merely create spaces with pleasant natural scents. We communicate the client’s message, identity,
and brand image through the aroma space.

An aroma space with high aesthetic value makes it possible to enliven communication within that space and clearly show the identity of the space itself.
With natural scents, it is possible to create background aromas (BGAs) to communicate the client’s idea just like background music. Compared to odorless spaces, ones with an appropriate natural sent can magnify the psychological impact on visitors. Space imbued with BGAs connect directly to one’s sense of smell and can have a major impact on branding.
On the other hand, highly functional aroma spaces contain more health benefits for people, increasing natural healing abilities, and contributing to the creation of spaces easy on the human body. This is precisely the idea behind evidence-based aromas (EBAs), which make use of natural scents whose benefits have been scientifically verified. As more people pursue scent functionality, the more specified variations become, so offering highly customizable services is paramount. It is therefore necessary to have a mechanism to create the required natural scent for each situation.

Comprehensively coordinating natural scents

In order to design a space with natural scents, it is necessary to have not only an aroma appropriate for the purpose and requirements of the space, but also a diffuser to evenly spread that aroma throughout the space.
It is also important to note that maintaining a high quality space cannot be left solely to the diffuser. Ultimately, only people can design and maintain stylish, quality spaces.
As aroma professionals, @aroma provides numerous services ranging from planning and development of aromas and diffusers, to supporting installation, operation, and maintenance of our machines. We provide support for creating the optimal aroma space for our clients.


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