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Customized essential oils and diffusers are available for purchase at Lexus dealerships in Asia, North America, and Europe.

[Product lineups in the U.S.]
*Designs and lineups vary depending on sales locations.

Signature Scents box collection
Reed Diffuser
Aroma Spray
Bonbon Aroma Diffuser
Portable Aroma Diffuser

[About Lexus Signature Scent]
An alluring and invigorating aroma of blended herbs and flowers designed exclusively for Lexus.

FLOWER, WOOD and HERB scents are also offered along with the Signature Scent.


VOLVO official accessories

VOLVO offers car accessories which includes their original scents inspired by the forests of Sweden.

The unique refreshing wood scents create a calming and luxurious atmosphere in a car.

[Products lineups]
Original aroma oil
Car diffuser with essential oil
Aroma bonbon diffuser
Pin/badge diffuser



All Nippon Airways (ANA) original aroma, created based on their brand concept "inspiration of Japan", enhances passengers' sensory experience.

The scent gently covers the atmosphere around you while in the sky and in the lounges .

[ANA lounges]
14 ANA lounges in Japan welcome you with the scent.

[Inflight services in First and Business Class]
An original aroma card and subtly scented moist towel support your long distance flight.

[Original aroma 10ml]
It is available for purchase in Japan.



ISETAN Shinjuku department store in Tokyo offers a long lasting sensory experience as well as marketing products utilizing their original aroma.

[Product lineups]
Essential oil
Air mist
Stick diffuser


PALACE HOTEL TOKYO Signature Essential Oil

Original aroma products are offered for purchase at the hotel and their online store.

Take your memorable hotel stay experience with you.

[Product lineups]
Original aroma oil
Aroma mist
Reed diffuser


SHIPS original aroma goods

Japanese apparel store offers distinct original aromas matching the scent to the desired fashion.

[Product lineups]
Original aroma oil
Room spray
Reed diffuser
Hand cream