Scenting designers are experts in creating aromas for space design.
This page introduces scenting designers, the policies they bring to their design work, and their fields of specialization.

Megumi Fukatsu

I want to incorporate the abundance of nature and make it a presence in people's lives. A space rich in the scents of natural plants stimulates positive senses, relaxes, and creates an essential richness. I hope to create a new value called Aroma Space Design, based on my experience being involved in space design, and overseeing @aroma's global design operations from America. I will create a new standard for aromas and make it a presence in people's lives.

Production examples

All Nippon Airways

In the company's ‘Inspiration of Japan’ products and services, she developed the original aromas that offer a sense of advancement into the future, under the concept of a cool individuality with peace of mind.


Developed four original aromas on the theme of ‘excitement and peace of mind’ as LEXUS Collection items.

Maurice Joosten

What fascinates me about scent is the transient and elusive nature of it, and yet, simultaneously, the essential and profound reality that it captures. With my background as a visual artist, I aim to create a direct link and synergy between the visual and olfactory language in the design process. From Europe, I am presently developing broad-ranging creative activities as a scenting designer and a sculptor.

Production examples

Fujiya Hotel

A classic hotel located in Miyanoshita, Hakone, which was founded in 1891. We developed an original scent that gently and quietly colors the space.

Westin Hotel Tokyo

Developed original aromas matched to the image of Le Spa Parisien, the hotel's indoor spa.

Kozue Koike

Among the five senses, the olfactory system in particular is active in people's emotions. Scent is a medium that can convey what the other senses cannot. I am in charge of many blends for original items that people can feel in familiar locations, including the car or bedroom. The right aroma can communicate something special. Through a variety of designs, I want to express that which is possible only through scent.

Production examples


Developed a limited original aroma paired with a Japanese cypress wood diffuser for MONOCLE, a global trend magazine based in London.

Asahi Kasei Homes

Used design ideas and diverse spaces to develop original aromas for HEBEL HAUS, which builds residences matched to customer wishes.

Sawako Takeishi

Spaces with scent are appealing in that all kinds of thoughts arise from the scent and propagate outward. Aroma overflows with possibilities for creating new value that goes far beyond our imagination. I am primarily in charge of designing scents that actively and creatively amplify the possibilities of space in shops, hotels, and other places. I strive to create spaces that have a lasting impression in people's minds, and leave a desire to share those thoughts with others.

Production examples


We have developed original aromas that express each concept according to the six categories of the brand.

Hoshino Resort Aomoriya

Developed original aromas that introduce the appeal of Aomori that can only be experienced by people through scent and imprints the memories of their stay.

Chinatsu Kodaira

I like to convey our clients' messages through scents. My pursuit is to find the fine senses that are indescribable, discovering great possibilities that can only be achived by natural essential oils. Hotels and weddings are my speciality and I carefully select various ingredients based on clients' needs in order to create unique scent designs. We desire to create special and comfortable spaces that help people share experiences and ideas using the essence of nature.

Production examples


Developed three original scents as a part of SHINSHIN series, that reflects both the people's prayers and the feeling of the deep forest surrounding the Ise Shrine.

The Imperial Hotel Osaka

Developed two scents, one is "Cherry Blossoms", which portrays the impressive sight of spring flowers blooming, the other is "Elegance", conveying the image of prestige and grace for weddings held at the hotel.


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