We use numerous types of oils from various regions to create
100% natural essential oil blends for designing aroma spaces.

Click images for details.

Click images for details.

Oils carefully selected for their safety and quality from throughout the world.

Our aroma oils are blended in-house to improve their functions and benefits from the 100% natural essential oils extracted from flowers, leaves, trees, and fruits. For each ingredient, we search the globe for the best production area and never compromise on quality. While considering the many functions, appeals, and individualities possessed by the natural scents, we pursue perfection in our blending method.

Oil LineupMain series of essential oil blends

100% Pure Essential Oil Blend Botanical air

The Botanical air series makes it easy to experience
the power of natural scents extracted from plants.

A collection of aroma oils simply blended to fully reveal the attractive original scents of the plants. We have included not only citrus and floral aromas, which have a popular appeal, but also rich woody and herbal aromas.

100% Pure Essential Oil Blend Design air

The Design air series allows users to select unique
natural scents to fit specific interiors, themes, and colors.

In this collection, we have blended various scents based around certain images and environments.The complexity of each scent conjures up a rich impression.Just as with art and music, enjoy using these scents to add ambience to your space.

100% Pure Essential Oil Blend Clean air

The Clean air series focuses on the functions of
natural scents for keeping the air clean and fresh.

This collection focuses on the functional effects of scents, using essential oils such as eucalyptus, which purifies the air, ​and peppermint, which has a cooling effect.The scents from these aroma oils also are comforting to the senses.

100% Pure Essential Oil Blend Supplement air

The Supplement air series utilizes the benefits of
natural scents to meet the needs of the moment.

This collection is designed for certain times and situations in your daily routine, with scents specifically blended to target each of those moments. Whether you are waking up, working, resting, or sleeping, these natural scents will enrich your everyday life.

100% Pure Essential Oil Blend Japanese air

Japanese air is a unique collection of essential oil blends exemplifying an aesthetic sense of
Japanese flora, nature, and culture.

The Japanese Botanical air series is mainly made from plants harvested in Japan. The Japanese Design air series focuses on feelings extracted from Japanese scenery and classic motifs.

100% Pure Essential Oil BALANCING mind

The Balancing Mind series utilizes the power of natural scents to restore the mind and body to their natural state.

The highest-quality essential oils have been selected to act gently and lightly on the body and mind. Be yourself, be flexible, be well-adjusted.

100% Pure Essential Oil SLEEPING support

The SLEEPING support series guides you towards a better night's sleep with soothing essential oils paired to your mood.

Sleep quality can be difficult to control. The SLEEPING support series allows us to select a scent based on your sleeping difficulties. 100% pure natural essential oils can help create a better sleep environment.


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A rich, sweet, exotic natural scent effective for relaxing and improving one’s mood

YLANG YLANG, which means ‘flower of flowers’ in Tagalog, grows in tropical regions and has been used as a raw material for perfumes since ancient times.
This tropical scent creates a feeling that takes one away from mundane life.

  • Family name: Annonaceae - 
  • Extracted from: Flowers   -  

  • Extraction method: Steam distillation


A sweet, invigorating, approachable scent effective for various purposes ranging from refreshing oneself to relaxing.

The scent, extracted from the skin, is that of a fresh, sweet fruit. Orange is a scent that everyone, including children and adults, can easily grow to like and makes one happy and energetic.

  • Family name: Rutaceae - 
  • Extracted from: Skin   -  

  • Extraction method: Squeezing


A sweet, fruity, cute scent effective for relaxing and peaceful sleep.

Chamomile, which was been used as a medicinal herb since ancient times, possesses an apple-like sweet scent.
It is known as an essential oil for women and children since it has a mild effect.

  • Family name: Compositae - 
  • Extracted from: Flowers   -  

  • Extraction method: Steam distillation


A fruity, invigorating, sweet-sour scent effective for refreshing oneself and aiding physical activity.

Grapefruit, so named because they cluster like bunches of grapes on trees, possesses a scent with a refreshing bitterness and strength and is very popular.

  • Family name: Rutaceae - 
  • Extracted from: Skin   -  

  • Extraction method: Squeezing


A refreshing, spicy, woody scent effective for refreshing oneself and purifying the air.

Similar to the Japanese cypress and pine, the white cypress possesses an invigorating, calming scent perfect for steeling oneself.
It generates a refreshing feeling similar to taking a therapeutic walk in the woods.

  • Family name: Cypress - 
  • Extracted from: Leaves, branches   -  

  • Extraction method: Steam distillation


A fresh, floral scent that reminds one of roses. Effective for balancing the mind and body.

Geraniums are perennial flowers grown throughout the world and often used in gardens.
Extracted from the leaves before the flowers bloom, the oil possesses a soft, sweet, floral scent like a flower.

  • Family name: Geraniaceae - 
  • Extracted from: Leaves   -  

  • Extraction method: Steam distillation


A clear scent bursting with a pleasant, stimulating feel effective for refreshing oneself, purifying the air, and eliminating odors.

Peppermint is loved throughout the world and is used for a wide range of purposes including ameliorating hangover symptoms and car sickness.
Contains an ingredient that lowers body temperature. Perfect for calming the mind and body.

  • Family name: Lamiaceae - 
  • Extracted from: Leaves   -  

  • Extraction method: Steam distillation


A stylish scent with class and calmness effective for fostering a bright, proactive feeling.

Famous as the fragrance of Earl Grey tea and the raw material for eau de Cologne, Bergamot is a mature scent that creates a particularly strong feeling of ease and calmness, even for the citrus family.

  • Family name: Rutaceae - 
  • Extracted from: Skin   -  

  • Extraction method: Squeezing


A sweet, soft, calming scent effective for relaxing and countering stress.

Ho wood possesses a mellow, wood scent with a sweet, floral impression that has a mild effect.
It goes well with various other scents and creates a calming impression.

  • Family name: Lauraceae - 
  • Extracted from: Wood   -  

  • Extraction method: Steam distillation


A pure, cool, sharp scent effective for cleaning the air and preventing colds.

Famous as the preferred food of koalas, the fast-growing Eucalyptus is rich with life force.
Because it cleans the air, it is also used during the cold and hay fever seasons.

  • Family name: Myrtaceae - 
  • Extracted from: Leaves, branches   -  

  • Extraction method: Steam distillation


A mild, pleasant, floral-herb scent effective for relaxation and peaceful sleep.

With cute purple flowers, lavender is an all-purpose scent. It’s mild effect ensures widespread use.
The name means ‘wash’ in Latin.

  • Family name: Lamiaceae - 
  • Extracted from: Flowers, leaves   -  

  • Extraction method: Steam distillation


An invigorating, green, herbal scent effective for improving concentration and for waking up.

Stories of the numerous benefits of rosemary as a medicinal herb to invigorate the mind and body and regain youthfulness have been passed down through the ages.
It is effective for work and study because it increases concentration and memory.

  • Family name: Lamiaceae - 
  • Extracted from: Leaves   -  

  • Extraction method: Steam distillation