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nebulizing diffuser 'one'

Enjoy your favorite scent by simply attaching an essential oil bottle.
40-hours of cord-free use after charging.
Modern cylindrical design blends seamlessly into any environment.
Contents:Diffuser, USB cable, dropper opener

nebulizing diffuser 'orb'

Effortless operation delivers the bespoke high-quality scent of essential oils.
The transparency of the glass flask and the smooth shape of the pedestal display beautifully in all spaces.
Adjustable scent intensity level and auto-off timer.
Contents:Diffuser, flask, silencer, flask cap, USB cable

piezo diffuser 'solo'

Spread scent within a space without the use of heat or water.
3 scent intensity levels and auto-off function.
Clean transparent design allows for easy monitoring of aroma oil level.
Contents:Diffuser, USB cable, replacement oil stick x 2, dropper opener

fan diffuser 'kō'

The name of the diffuser 'ko' means 'scent' in Japanese.
Simple one-button on/off operation to diffuse your favorite essentail oils.
Silent and portable operation with batteries or USB power cable.
Contents:Diffuser, USB cable, replacement oil pad x 1

car diffuser drive time clip

A car diffuser that attaches to the air vent.
Utilizes the air flow from your vehicle's air conditioning to spread the scent.
Contents:Diffuser, oil stick x 2, stick holder, dropper opener, essential oil 10mL (when sold as a set)

car diffuser 'drive time leather'

A sleek and durable diffuser accessory for your vehicle.
Heighten your driving experience with 100% pure natural essential oils.
Contents:Diffuser, replacement oil pad x

stick diffuser

This simple design diffuses aroma in a space by absorbing the oil into the reeds.
Genuine leather collars are available in a varitey of colors.
Contents:Stick diffuser aroma oil 100mL, 5 diffuser sticks,
leather collar

stone diffuser 'TOKONAME'

Celebrate Japanese tradition while experiencing a high-quality scent with this stone diffuser.
Designed in collaboration with Tokoname pottery, renowned for tea sets and other tableware, with the desire to share the techniques and traditions of Japanese pottery internationally. In order to maximize absorption, trial production was thoroughly conducted. From selection and incorporation of soil to temperature control within the kiln, a new genre of Tokoname, the stone diffuser was born. Each diffuser is molded and polished by hand.

wood diffuser 'hinoco'

Wood diffuser made of Japanese Cypress (Hinoki), based on the concept of contributing to the conservation of nature by knowing and understanding more about trees, forests, and nature.

pin diffuser 'aroma pins'

Accent the air with our collection of wearable pin diffusers.

stone diffuser 'mini'

Two ceramic stones to enjoy different scents in different situations.
Metal carrying case comes with the diffuser.

air mist

Choose from our line-up of 15 aroma blends.
Clean air series focuses on the functional effects of scents, using aroma oils such as eucalyptus, which purifies the air, and peppermint, which has a cooling effect.
Supplement air series is designed for certain times and situations in your daily routine. Whether you are waking up, working, resting,or sleeping, these natural scents will enrich your everyday life.
15 scents are available from the Clean air and the Supplement air series.