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nebulizing diffuser 'one'

Diffuse 100% pure natural essential oil with plug-and-play design.

Modern cylindrical design blends seamlessly into any environment.

nebulizing diffuser 'orb'

This nebulizing-type diffuser delivers the bespoke high-quality scent of @aroma essential oils.

The transparency of the glass flask and the smooth shape of the pedestal display beautifully in all spaces.

fan diffuser 'kō'

This compact diffuser delivers a gentle breeze of aroma to your personal space.

Silent and portable operation with batteries or USB power cable.

piezo diffuser 'solo'

A silent and powerful diffuser that complements any interior space.

Clean transparent design allows for easy monitoring of aroma oil level.

stone diffuser 'TOKONAME'

Stone diffuser with unique color and form made by one of the Six Ancient Kilns in Japan.

Celebrate Japanese tradition while experiencing a high-quality scent with this stone diffuser.

wood diffuser 'hinoco'

Wood diffuser made of Japanese Cypress (Hinoki), based on the concept of contributing to the conservation of nature by knowing and understanding more about trees, forests, and nature.

USB aroma time

USB powered diffuser will support you during work or travel with just a few drops of essential oil.

air mist

Aroma mist spray to transform and accent your daily atmosphere.

15 scents are available from the Clean air and the Supplement air series.

stone diffuser 'mini'

Two ceramic stones to enjoy different scents in different situations.

stick diffuser

This simple design diffuses aroma in a space by absorbing the oil into the reeds.

car diffuser 'drive time'

Enjoy aromatherapy in your car.

The natural scent helps us feel refreshed, minimizes our stress, and delivers a peaceful mind while driving.

car diffuser 'drive time leather'

A sleek and durable diffuser accessory for your vehicle.

Heighten your driving experience with 100% pure natural essential oils.

felt diffuser 'aroma bonbon'

Made from natural wool, the bonbon aroma diffuser provides the pleasure of natural scent without heat by adding a couple of drops of essential oil on a few felt balls.

Magnet on the back allows for easy attachment to many surfaces.

felt diffuser 'SLEEP sheep'

This sheep-shaped aroma diffuser is handcrafted with wool and has a cute design which compliments any bedroom or living space.

Just screw a bottle of essential oil into the holder and flip over for a few seconds to enjoy the aroma as it is naturally diffused.

pin diffuser 'aroma pins'

Accent the air with our collection of wearable pin diffusers.