Original aroma oil

Unique natural scents

Original aroma oils possess unique natural scents made solely for the client. This not only colors a space with aroma, but also creates various possibilities such as connecting latent emotions and memories, and developing original products.
There are both fully-order-made oils, which aroma experts (also referred to as 'Aroma Space Designers’) propose for individual clients, and self-blended oils, which using the Aroma Oil Blender puts the choices in your hands.

Development process

Taking into consideration various conditions and needs, such as the brand image, target, purpose, and space, Aroma Space Designers create original aroma oils in line with the stipulated concept. The following example is of a general case.Required time and details depend on the particular order. Contact @aroma for details.

  • Hold preliminary meeting Purpose and concept are discussed.
  • Propose
    Sample scents are developed.
  • Make
    Adjust scent as
  • Verification Client test and
  • Completed
* Cost and delivery time depend on the time required to make the scent and details.
Please inquire for more information.

Experienced Aroma Space Designers create original natural scents.

Simple self-blended oil

Aroma Oil Blender is a WEB service that makes it possible to create a desired natural scent via smartphone or computer. Users create their own original aroma oil by selecting aromas and mixes from twelve natural aromas.

Aroma Oil Blender


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