Developing more trustworthy and quality services

@aroma continues to research and develop greater essential oil functionality and effective diffusion systems through industry-academia partnerships. We employ the results of this research to develop better products and services, some of which have already debuted.

Research and development summary

Basic research and development

  1. 1. Research and study on essential oils and aromatherapy culture
  2. 2. Research on essential oils
  3. 3. Research on diffusers
  4. 4. Technical research and development related to diffusers

Applied research and development

  1. 1. Measurement, evaluation, and analysis on the use of essential oils
  2. 2. Applied technology development on aroma-related hardware and software
  3. 3. Research and development related to methods for designing and constructing aroma spaces
  4. 4. Development of new diffuser-related systems

New product/service development

  1. 1. Development of leading-edge diffusers
  2. 2. Development of engineering technology for aroma spaces
  3. 3. Development of new aroma space services
  4. 4. Development of essential oil blends

Joint R&D and product development

We partner with corporations who seek alliances and new services based on our expertise and knowledge of aromas.

  • * We develop new products and services in partnership with companies in other fields.
  • * We conduct joint product development with various corporations.

Research results

@aroma conducts questionnaire-based surveys and research on various topics in collaboration with academia and the industry. All results are released to the public.




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