Development story

Ingredients of oils carefully selected because of their quality and the peace of mind they provide

Our aroma oils are made solely from natural ingredients.
They are comforting and catered to those who understand
the value of outstanding intrinsic quality.
@aroma handles the various processes including procuring the ingredients for their blends,

managing the quality, inspecting each product, while maintaining your trust.

01 Pride in raw materials

We obtain our 100% natural single oils from partners all over, including Europe, the U.S., and Australia, so that we can provide oils at a fair price. We take the environment into consideration and always think of what we can do to coexist with the earth. Precisely because oils are the bounty of nature and natural resources, we make strides to lessen our footprint on the environment. Our contributions go towards ensuring that the natural supply of all our ingredients is never diminishing.

02 Meeting global standards

'@aroma prioritises transparency in our raw materials. For production, experienced aroma space designers confirm the safety and quality of oils by periotically visiting production areas themselves. Products come in transparent bottles, and we have introduced production lots to monitor quality. Transparency, whether it's material sourcing, actual production, or logistics, is important to us. Our goal to raise the percentage of oils that are certified organic. We also work to manage quality so that we can comply with IRFA and REACH which are international essential oil standards.
We also work to manage quality so that we can comply with IRFA and REACH standards, and international essential oil standards.

03 Blending technique

Our experienced aroma space designers possess extensive knowledge on the design aspects and functionality of essential oils. With a clear understanding of individual natural scents and distinguishing features of oils, they blend oils in accordance with the established concept while taking into consideration the various conditions and needs related to the objective for using the oil, and location in which it will be used.
Unique blends of 100% natural oils for that space will enrich your life.

04 Thorough operation management

Because ingredients of oils are natural products, their particular scent is derived from where and how they were grown. In fact, this is proof that they are natural.
Using their experience, our aroma space designers carefully create each and every scent by adjusting blend receipts to match the condition and unique characteristics of oils delivered from production sites. The Kyoto laboratory is engaged on various activities including chemical analysis of oils and implements thorough, uncompromising operation management.


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