Diffusers for fully implementing aroma space designs

professional diffuser all in one type

all in one type 145S/145W

This is a stand-alone professional diffuser for implementing quality aroma spaces in both small and large areas. Employing a spray method that does not rely on heat or water, it creates a high-quality aroma space releasing the maximum potential of essential oils.

The device can operate on a weekly or timer setting, and it is possible to set multiple concentrations for a single day. The stylish design was developed by product designer Toshihiko Sakai.
The stylish design was developed by product designer Toshihiko Sakai. The refined aluminum front panel fits well with any space.

all in one type 145S

  • White
  • Black

Portable professional aroma dispenser
professional diffusers

all in one type 145W

  • White
  • Black

Wall-mounted professional aroma diffuser
* Installation required.

Product designer Toshihiko Sakai

1984 - 1987 Attended the Department of Design,
Tokyo Zokei University
1989 - 1991 Worked at KOZO DESIGN STUDIO INC.
1992 Established Sakai Design Associate

Mr. Sakai provides various design services related to both Japanese and overseas home electronics, including workshops for manufacturers and also design consulting on the overall product development process for start-up companies


145S: W 382 mm x H 321 mm x D 130 mm (including legs)
145W: W 382 mm x H 295 mm x D 96 mm
145S: Approximately 7.2 kg (excluding oil)
145W: Approximately 7.1 kg (excluding oil)
AC 100 – 240 V, 50 Hz/60 Hz
Power consumption
12 W
Body color
White or Black
Spray method
Diffusion area
150 m² /1600 ft² (diffusion area depends on height of ceiling, and environment)
Attachable bottles
250 ml or 450 ml bottle
Timer function
Concentration adjustment: Spray on duration (sec.) Pause duration (sec.)
Timer: WEEKLY mode, TIMER mode


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