Diffusers for installation not only in air conditioning equipment but also in special facilities.

professional diffuser select type

This professional diffuser is installed with the pump unit separated from the scent-diffusing atomizer unit.It is specialized for operation in saunas and other areas with higher moisture contents, or it can diffuse aromas throughout indoor spaces by placement in the HVAC system. Employing a spray method that does not rely on heat or water, it creates a high-quality aroma space releasing the maximum potential of essential oils.

The device can operate on a weekly or timer setting, and it is possible to set multiple concentrations for a single day.

The smooth lines and elegantly textured aluminum of the atomizer case complement any space.

Pump unit

  • BB-200C
  • BB-200C MV

For use together with atomizer unit.

Atomizer unit

  • Light silver
  • Dark silver
  • Without case
    * Oil sold separately

For use with pump unit.
* Also available without case.

* Installation required.


  • Wall mounted spray nozzle
  • Sprayer outlet for HVAC

Example of installation

Direct diffusion

Air from the seperately located pump is transferred to the atomizer,
diffusing the aroma into the desired space. A simple appearance, with only the encased atomizer visible on the wall.

Wall mounted spray nozzle diffusion

Placing the pump and atomizer in a nearby location and feeding the scent into the desired space from the equipment allows for diffusion even if placing the atomizer directly in the room is not an option.
* Wall mounted spray nozzle parts sold separately.

HVAC diffusion

Placing the pump and atomizer in a nearby location and feeding the scent into the HVAC directly allows for diffusion to spread the aroma throughout the duct system.

* Sprayer outlet for HVAC parts sold separately.
* Installation may not be possible with some
types of ducts.

Pump Specs

BB-200C: W 208 x H 114.2 x D 170 mm
BB-200C MV: W 208 x H 114.2 x D 224.7 mm
Approx. 2.5 kg
AC 100 V, 50 Hz – 60 Hz
Power consumption
Diffusion area
150 m²/ 1600ft² (diffusion area depends on height of ceiling, and environment)
Timer function
Concentration adjustment: Spray on duration (sec.) Pause duration (sec.)
Timer: WEEKLY mode, TIMER mode

Atomizer unit specs

With case: W 117 x H 306 x D 121 mm
Without case: W 80 x H 120 x D 80 mm (excluding hose)
With case: Approx. 1.8 kg (excluding oil)
Without case: Approx. 0.5 kg (excluding oil and hose)
Spray method
Body color
Two colors (light silver/dark silver)


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